Examination Committee


Continuous Evaluation

As per the MAHATMA GANDHI UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS FOR UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMS UNDER CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM 2017 internal evaluation is to be done by continuous assessment.For all courses without practical total marks of external examination is 80 and total marks of internal evaluation is 20. The internal marks are allotted based on certain norms such as Attendance, Internal Exams , Model Exam and Assignments. If any student avoids himself/herself from the above said norms ,they will fail in the internals.The aggregate of above said norms will be taken as Internal Marks.Marks distribution for external and internal assessments and the components for internal evaluation with their marks are shown below:


For all courses with out practical

a)Marks of external Examination :80

b)Marks of internal evaluation    :   20


Components of internal evaluation  of theory                   Marks

Attendance                                                                            5

Internal Examinations(one internal + one model)                      10

Assignment/Seminar/Viva                                                        5

Total                                                                                        20


For all courses with practical

a)Marks of external Examination :  60

b)Marks of internal evaluation    :   15


Components of internal evaluation                                        Marks

Attendance                                                                                        5

Internal Examinations(one internal + one model)             8

Assignment/Seminar/Viva                                                           2

Total                                                                                                      15


For Practical examinations

a)Marks of external Examination :  40

b)Marks of internal evaluation    :   10


Components of internal evaluation                                        Marks

Attendance                                                                                        2

Test paper (1x4)                                                                               4

Record                                                                                                  4

Total                                                                                                      10


Marks for Attendance will be distributed in the manner stated below:

%of Attendance                                                                               Marks

90 and above                                                                                     5

85-89                                                                                                     4

80-84                                                                                                     3

76-79                                                                                                     2

75                                                                                           1



Two test papers are to be conducted in each semester for each course. The evaluations of all components are to be published and are to be acknowledged by the candidates. All documents of internal assessments are to be kept in the college for one year and shall be made available for verification by the University. The responsibility of evaluating theinternal assessment is vested on the teacher(s), who teach the course.



  • At least one assignment and a seminar is mandatory in each semester for all courses. 
  • The faculty-in-charge of each subject will work out and announce the topic for assignments to be written by the students along with deadlines for submission at the end of each module.
  • Modules in a semester must be divided by number of students in each class and assigned assignment according to the Roll number. The seminar presentation should be based on reverse order.For example , if there are 15 children in a class, the assignment topic that gets the roll no. 1 will be the seminar topic of roll no. 15
  • Students are advised to prepare and present seminars with the help of power point .
  • The medium of presentation must be in English and the duration of the session can be 7 to 10 minitues.
  • The subject teachers should ensure thatall students complete the assignment and seminar before the Model Examination.
  • The teachers should hand over the soft copy of the presentation details to the Department Coordinator on three days before the model Examination.
  • The criteria for assessment are timely completion and quality of the work.


 A student shall appear for viva-voce in the 6thsemester for each course (subject) . Appearance in the viva will be considered for internal evaluation in the sixth semester.



  All students are to do  a project in the area of core course. This project can be done individually or in groups (not more than 5 students) for all subjects which may be carried out in or outside the campus. Special sanction shall be obtained from the Vice Chancellor to those new generation programmes and programmes on performing arts where students have to take projects which involve larger groups. The projects are to be identified during the II semester of the programme with the help of the supervising teacher. The report of the project in duplicate is to be submitted to the department at the sixth semester and are to be produced before the examiners appointed by the University . External Project evaluation and Viva/Presentation is compulsory for all subjects and will be conducted at the end of the programme.

For group project :- University copy of the report should be in paper bound and duplicate copy should be in spiral bound for each group members .

For individual project :- University copy of the report  in paper bound and duplicate copy should be in spiral bound.


 Project Evaluation

a)Marks of external Evaluation :  80

b)Marks of internal evaluation  :   20


Components of External evaluation of Project                  Marks

Dissertation                                                                                        50

Viva-Voce                                                                                           30

Total                                                                                                      80


*Marks forDissertation may include study tour report if proposed in the syllabus.


Components of Internal Evaluation of Project                   Marks

Punctuality                                                                                         5

Experimentation/Data Collection                                              5

Knowledge                                                                                         5

Report                                                                                                  5

Total                                                                                                      20



  • A minimum of 85% of attendance is advisable and mandatory for appearing for internal and model examination.
  • Before appearing for the internal and model examination ,students are expected to complete and submit required assignments , projects ,seminars etc. Completion and submission of assignments on time is mandatory.
  • Both internal and model exams are compulsory and it will conducted during odd and even semesters. No remedial measures are considered for exam defaulters . In case of any genuine cases like medical/emergency situation , the parents are obliged to meet the Principal along with their wards.
  • If the parent fails to inform the reason for absence ,the academic council will have a final say in the internal marks of the concerned student.
  • Student has to consider all internal and model exams as equal to university exams.
  • It is the obligation of every student to score a minimum of 80% of internal marks (16 out of 20) in every subject. This level is highly recommended and defaulters are expected to meet Principal within 3 days immediately after the publication of internal marks.
  • Students are requested to visit the college website to know their academic performance(www.christcollegekattappana.org)
  • Grievances on internal marks(written format) can be forward to the Controller of Examination after getting signature from the HOD ,Department Coordinator and subject teacher /s concerned.


Efforts to avoid Malpractice :

Strict invigilation is conducted in  the examination hall throughout the duration of examination. Seating arrangement is decided in advance and printed registered numbers are pasted in each seat. The seats are spread out to avoid possibility of malpractice. Verbal instruction is given to all the students at the commencement of the examination about the consequences of malpractice . Drinking water is providedto the students during examination time. Students are instructed to keep all their personal belongings outside the hall. The surrounding areas of examination hall is made noise free and made no entry zone. Students are instructed not to write anything on question paper except their register number and name. The college also constitute Internal Squad other than squad of the University to make surprise visit while examination in progress. The Chief Examiner can monitor the examination hall through fitted CCD and is continuously recorded for the future review if needed.

The following members shall constitute the Examination Committee of Christ College
Sl.No. Patrons
1 Fr. James Neendussery CMI, Manager
2 Fr. Burney Tharappil CMI, Secretary
Sl.No. Member Name
1 Fr. Dr. Alex Louis CMI
2 Fr. Anoop Thuruthimattam CMI
3 Mrs. Anithamol CS (Convener)
4 Mr. Jogi Joseph
5 Ms. Thushara T.K.
For further queries you may please Message to Principal

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