The parking instructions and regulations are set forth to assist the vehicle commuters. Any Christite using a vehicle as a means of transportation to the college is subjected to follow the instructions and regulations given below with utmost care and respect and to bear in mind that it is their duty.

  • 1. Parking is an amenity and at any time, this privilege can be denied, suspended, revoked or even modified if needed.
  • 2. The ‘Student Motor Vehicle Parking Permission Form’ has to be downloaded from the college website ( and should be submitted to the Principal by the parent with the signature of parent and student after filling the required fields of the above said form.
  • 3. The college assumes no risk or liability for any damage or loss of vehicle or its parts when parked in the allotted place of the campus.
  • 4. Discretion to control the vehicle utility of the Christites are bestowed only upon the college authorities.
  • 5. Registered students vehicles should be parked in the allotted place on or before 09.15 a.m
  • 6. Vehicle commuters has to ensure that their vehicles are not becoming an amenity to store any belongings like mobiles ,laptops etc of other students,
  • 7. The parking permission will be granted only to the loyal and well-disciplined students.
  • 8. Any complaints from public, neighbors, faculty members or other students may be treated as violation of the policies of the college
  • 9. Any vehicles violating any of the college college policies will be towed, immobilized, seized or booted and may lead to the cancellation of parking permission. Once the permission is cancelled, the defaulter may not get any other chance to regain it.
  • 10. If unregistered vehicles are found in the premises of the college, it will be immediately directed to the local authorities.
  • 11. Permission will be considered and allotted only from II and III year students of Christ College.
  • 12. In case of any violation of the above said rules and policies are observed, it will result in the sudden cancellation of parking permission.